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20 September 2008


I know it's kinda late,
but happy birthday!
ni gara gara internet gue ..
enggak mau nyetel!

Happy Birthday, Nicholas Jerry Jonas!
im sorry, i didnt write this posting blog on your birthday date!
so, it's sooooooooo late!
today (september 16th) you're 16 years old!
so happy happy birthday to you!

hey nick!
i know that i'm not your big fan,
but yeaaah! at least, i remember when your birthday is .
i looked for Jonas Brothers information
anything laaahh ..!
i'd do anything that you wanna do to me (kidding!) to be able to see you
face to face!
haaahh ..

oke that's it all my posting blog about your birthday
i'll also wait for Frankie's birthday on September 28th and
Kevin's birthday on October 5th
and i'll write his birthday posting blog special for him!
hahahaha ..
my words are over said!
bye bye nick!


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