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hvor du kan finde historier om min skøre oplevelser.
including my life in school
, around my family and my friends
but none for my love story)
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30 September 2008


a lot of thank you i gave to them (a lot!):
DIANI, alvi, mbak sefri, tami, SHEILA, RANTY, frizka, mas yoga, hikari, soraya, dhada, tyra, irvan, babe, icha, niq, windy, lina, yessy, vega, MEIMEI, janice (philiphine prson), ismi, premela (from philiphine too), ka upha (senior), rima, GABBY, akbar , ka wulan, MAS YUDHA . .

n yg paling bkin gue ngerasa surprised! adalah:
ANES -> my soulmate!

thank you thank you,
love y'all!
i wont forget those lovely words of you!


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