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08 October 2008


yes !
not long time again , i'll meet my best friends again .
but i'll be very lazy if i'll study in IX-8 classroom .
not just the room of class ,
but also the students, the teachers
but the most is : THE HOMEWORKS !!
yeah yeah ,
you know ?
but not the all students , just a part of this !
you know ??
the girls are too dilligent to do their homeworks
that's the thing i dnt lk of that
yeah , but the lazy girls (lk me) r there too .
what'd happen if d class w/out their lazy girls n boys ?
i guess it'll be the GREATEST CLASS EVER (it might be called as internasional school)
hha .
okay .
i just wanna tell u that .
and ive done that now !
bye .


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