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including my life in school
, around my family and my friends
but none for my love story)
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17 October 2008


wadddduuuuuhh ..
walopun bimo blgnya gmpang gmppang .
tpi kn ttep aj susaaaah .
ntar kalo gue salah tulis blog,
bukanny nulis ttg skolah, malah nulis diary gue gmna ?
kn bimo jg ntr yg marah ma gueee ..
huhuhuhuuu .
lgian gue kn udh kelas 9 ,
jg udh msti ngurangin onln sbagainyaa .
friendster sudah saya abaikan (actually, i still log on fr this one, but hadnt to reply the comments fr a while, sorry ..)
ya kan ya kan ?
mna UN dimajuin lagii ..
tpi di postingan 216 corner , ktanya gk diamajuin .
gue jg baca di Kompas kmrn (17/10) emg gk dimajuin .
hmmmmmm ..
hey y'all see ??
it's not that easy to write posting blog for 216corner blog, huh ??


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