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29 September 2008


Happy Birthday, Daniel Pedrosa
on September 29,and it means that your birthday's d same as mine!

what a surprise for me .
when i knew that your bday's d same as mine,
i was lk thinkin im so lucky!
oh my god!
but then i was lk feeling happy
just having fun there
to celebrate your birthday!
and KA WULAN might be celebrating it too .
hha . halo .

PEDROSA, i hope you'll be a good boy there
having a good career
dnt be an arrogant boy
even though im not sure of that .

Estoy esperando :
divertirse allí,
nunca olvidará a su poderoso dios,
nunca olvida su familia allí.

Una vez, feliz cumpleaños a usted en su 23 cumpleaños.


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