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04 September 2008


Happy Birthday, Skandar Amin Casper Keynes!
on this day (september 5th) , you are 17 years old!
happy happy happy birthday!!

i hope you'd see my blog!!
hhaa ..
lagian gue juga tau kok Skandar nggk bakalan ngeliat blo gue, tau aja enggaak!!
i hope you'll be successfull ..
on your acting career or everything that makes you so bright and being a superstar!! hahahahahaha ..
i know you're so cute, cool, and talented .
but i want you to be more than that!
so you'll be cuter, cooler, and more talented!
and everything you want, will be reached!
kata - katanya sama aja kea di posting blog yg sbelumnya ( emg dasar gue gk kreatif!

okay, that's all for now, skand!
all i want this birthday of mine (sept 29th) is you'd view my own blog for the first time blogging!
the link's
but i know that you wont!
hhaa ..
byebye, skand!


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